Friday, September 16, 2016

August Road Trip: First Stop Greensboro...

The summer has passed by quickly...though we are still waiting for the temps to catch up. It's mid-September and still 85 degrees, but cooler temps are coming. I'm not looking for cold winter temps just want 70 degrees to be the high not the low!

We took to the road again on August 8th and made our first stop in Greensboro. This time we stayed for a week which gave us plenty of time to enjoy multiple visits with Glen and Joanna and Ken and Ciera. Matthew was only in town for a couple of days that week but we made the most of it and all converged on Darryl's for a family get together. We finally met the lovely Teresa and she truly is lovely as well as smart, funny and sweet. She is also the only adult I've met in a very long time who is shorter than me...that was worth extra points! lol. We had a great time and, as usual, it was great to see my family!

Then we were off to Mayberry!

Ken sent me a photo from his visit to Wilmington in July and it was in my phone until after I had posted so I'm adding the photo here because I love it!

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