Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Summer Days...

After Ken left, Davis and Becca's birthdays quickly rolled around along with Jackson's first day of school...which was actually on Becca's birthday. He attends a year-round school and is in the fourth grade. It was a busy week with all that but we squeezed in a quick visit and birthday celebration.

Katie is on a traditional school schedule and has another month before she goes back  but she went off to her first sleep-away Girl Scout Camp this week. We puppy-sat Scout while the family took Katie to camp. She'll only be gone a short time but it's strange having her away. Jack and I are going to pick Jackson up from school this week and get in a little one-on-one time. Next week Katie and I will have a girls day getting pedicures.

In the meantime we're just trying to survive this heat. Highs in the 90s but "feels like" 100s. Summers seem to be getting hotter...

Staying indoors with the A/C and fans on is one is one way to survive the heat. We've been catching up on movies. Saw The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel as well as Monuments Men. Enjoyed them all.

I'm hooked on a new-to-me show - Grace and Frankie. Got hooked on the first few episodes when we visited Glen and Joanna and have been watching more at Becca's when the kids aren't home (adult themes). Unfortunately we can't watch it at home...it's on Netflix and streaming eats up our data too quickly. There aren't many shows that make me laugh out loud but this one does. I highly recommend it!

We finally got to the Causeway Cafe last week...our favorite breakfast spot. We're going to try to make that a weekly thing.

In August Jack and I are planning a short trip. The primary reason is to see Michael in WV and meet his girlfriend Crystal, but we'll also spend some time in Greensboro and see Ken and Glen again as well as making a stop or two seeing sights in Virginia. We'll get back the week before Labor Day and we have a long-term reservation here in Wilmington.

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