Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Good (a new campsite), the Bad (the cost), and the Ugly (the old campsite)...

We have been in Vacaville over three weeks already and the time is going by so quickly!

There are only two campgrounds here...Midway and Vineyard...and we are at Vineyard RV Park. We chose Vineyard because the reviews on RV Park Reviews said that Midway was a tight fit for big rigs and we are definitely big.  We drove through Midway after we got here and the reviews were right!

When we first arrived, we were in a standard pull-thru in the main part of the was awful. The site was all gravel, not a blade of grass anywhere, very narrow and, to top it off, no cable...despite the fact that the website claims "most sites have cable" - the more expensive "Premium" section has cable but there were no sites available.  I did get the owner to waive the pet fee for the month, which would have been $30, but it was still an awful site.  We endured it for a week, until new neighbors moved in. They had large noisy gatherings until the wee hours at night and parked their many cars everywhere...including on our site...and seemed to be settled in for a long stay!

We hate changing sites mid-stay, but decided it would be worth it this time.  Went to the office, told them about our neighbors and requested a premium site.  They assured us they would address the issues with our neighbors and told us a premium site would be available on Monday.  After a quiet weekend, we moved on Monday. I didn't think to take any pictures of the old campsite, but here are pics of the new one.

Our new site is a back-in with a couple of trees and plantings, grass, a picnic table and, of course, cable. The sites in the premium section are still a bit small, but a 500% improvement over the old site.  At $795/month plus electricity, this is certainly the most expensive campground we've ever stayed in, but this seems to be the prevailing rate for the area.

I don't think I've ever lived in hundred degree temps...until now. The first two weeks we were here the temps were almost always over 100...and went as high as 108.  Let me tell you, that is HOT!  Feel-your-skin-burn kind of hot.  The A/C in our RV seemed like it never cycled off and when the sun hit the windows they were too hot to touch.  This does not bode well for our electric bill!  More recently, the temps have been down in the 90s and actually stayed in the high 80s a couple of days...almost sweater weather ;-)

California is experiencing drought conditions and all creatures great and small...including the ants...are looking for water.  Jack has armed us with some super, maximum power spray for outside and some Terro ant traps for indoors that seem to be keeping the ants at bay.

So...not our best stay but, we're not here for the sights or the sites, we're here to see family and that's been great!  We've been getting lots of visit time in with Jack's son, Jack, and daughter-in-law Candice, his daughter and son-in-law, Stacey and Brian...and three granddaughters, Kayla, Chanoa and Sienna.  We've also managed to squeeze in some good times with brother and sister-in-law Melvin and Robyn.  We've been to many restaurants, been to cook-outs and had a couple of cook-outs here. Our social calendar stays full and we are having a wonderful time!

I will post more about our family, as well as pictures, in my next post...