Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Chapter Three...Daytrippin'

We've really enjoyed being able to spend a lot of time with Robyn and Mel this trip. I'm happy that I've been able to get to know them better and better. Love you guys!

Robyn is a great cook...though she describes it as assembling food rather than cooking, lol. We've had dinner at their house a number of times and I can't say how much we appreciate all the "assembling" Robyn's done for us...Mel too.

Besides dinners and restaurants and football days, we've done a couple of fun day trips together.

We took a drive one day into Napa...stopping first at Tulocay Cemetery to visit Jack's Mom's and brother Robin's resting place. Then we drove up to Lake Berryessa to see the Glory Hole...a new one for me. Didn't get much of a look though due to road construction but the lake was low. The mountain roads got to both Jack and me a bit...up and down, twisting and turning...it felt good to stand on solid ground after a while!

Robyn and Mel got a small RV for some weekend trips. It's a nicely decked out Rockwood...has a Murphy bed to maximize floor space, something I've never seen before. It's very cool, though I forgot to take any photos! Anyway, we visited some parks on our drive so they could scout out camping spots.
Met this guy in one of the parks --->>> 

We had a good day and finished up sitting by the bay in Suisun City eating Greek food at the Athenian Grill.

The Tides Wharf at Bodega Bay
A few weeks later we repeated a trip we took in 2014 to Bodega Bay. The place for cinnamon rolls was closed this time, but we did stop in the cute little town of Cotati to see Robyn's cousin Fran at The Sandalady  Baseball Glove Repair to pick up Mel's glove. Did some antiquing after that, then a late lunch at The Tides Wharf in Bodega Bay and finally a visit to the ocean.

I love the ocean and the Pacific breaking over the rocks is beautiful!


We had a great day...even the weather was perfect!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Catching Up on Life in Vacaville...Chapter Two

Sienna, Kayla and Chanoa...beautiful!

It's been over a year since we last saw everyone and, while Brian, Stacey, Jack and Candice haven't aged a bit...as you can see...the girls have really grown. 

At thirteen, Kayla's a teenager and looks like one...a very beautiful one! She's still as sweet and smart as ever and still an awesome cheerleader! She's excited about her newest toy...a four wheeler! Be careful!!

Chanoa's ten...double digits...and still a sweetheart. She's gained some maturity and is prettier than ever. She's working hard in school making everyone proud of her.

Both girls make me feel like a loved grandma and I love it!

When we visited in 2014, Sienna was camera shy...now she's an adorable ham and loves posing for pictures! Though she remembers us, she understandably has taken a little time warming up but it's easy to see by the way she runs to greet Grandpa Jack that he's becoming her favorite.

Kathy is our newest grandbaby and she's a pretty little thing. She was not much more than a newborn when we arrived (two months old) but she's growing quickly, right before our eyes.

After Christmas, while everyone else was in a December 26th shopping frenzy, Stacey, Candice and I enjoyed a girls day out for pedicures and lunch at Panera's. It was fun to spend time together.

We didn't get to spend the time we wanted to with the kids over winter break since Jack was sick with a bad cold for all of it. Seemed like no sooner was he recovered than Jack and Candice's kids got sick...seriously. Baby Kathy was diagnosed with RSV...she spent at least one day in the ER but, fortunately, didn't have to be admitted. Sienna had similar symptoms and even Chanoa didn't escape without a bad cold. Happily, everyone is fully recovered now!

Once everyone was healthy, Jack and Jack got a chance for some father-son time and went to see the new Star Wars movie. They said it was really good. Hope they carve out some more guy time...maybe a Sprint Car Race in a couple of weeks?

Sienna turned four on February 18th. We all celebrated with a party at Round Table Pizza and she loved every minute of it...pizza, cake, presents, arcade games, blowing out the candles and hamming it up for the camera!

We've been enjoying our time with the kids.

Next up...fun with Robyn and Mel!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Catching Up on Life in Vacaville...Chapter One

Wow! Can't believe I haven't posted in over two months. Time just gets away from me sometimes...and other times I'm just plain lazy!

Let's see...how to catch up without writing a novel? Think I'll start with a quick outline...pictures will come later.

We arrived November 24th as planned and got settled in Vineyard Plantation RV Park...boy, the prices sure went up...$925/month plus electricity! Feels like highway robbery.

We've enjoyed many visits and dinners, at home and in restaurants, with all the family and look forward to more. Picture to come in Chapter Two...
The Sibs - Mel, Mardell. Terry, and Jack

Robyn arranged a "Sibling Dinner" in December. Jack and I...Mel and Robyn...Mardell and Bart...and Terry. It was a real treat...thanks for doing all that work Robyn! 

We've had several family gatherings with Stacey, Brian, Kayla, Jack, Candice, Chanoa, Sienna and Kathy at Brian and Stacey's...another thanks for all your hard work and great cooking (and grilling).

We spent both Thanksgiving (great turkey) and Christmas Day at Stacey and Brian's with Jack and Candice and all the grandkids. It was special to finally be able to be with them for these holidays.

Before Christmas we got to see Candice and Jack portray Mary and Joseph at a Christmas pageant at their church. It was wonderful to be able to be a part of this. 

Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve were spent at Robyn and Mel's along with Tim, Amanda, Tyler and other friends and relatives. Again, both the time and the food were great. Robyn even had hats and tiny champagne bottle bubbles to welcome in 2016.

Football season can not be ignored and it wasn't. We watched most of the games at Mel and Robyn's...including the Super Bowl. Jack and Mel even got to put the lights on the Christmas tree during one game and did a great job! I'm not a football fan but really enjoyed the company...and the snacks...they do awesome snacks! Unfortunately the Carolina Panthers lost the Super Bowl.

A few days before Christmas we rode around with Brian, Stacey, and Kayla looking at Christmas light displays, something I haven't done in a very long time. It was fun and I took lots of pictures!

I think I'll stop here and move on to Chapter Two...