Monday, December 22, 2014

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas...

We've been back for two weeks...the time is going so quickly! These are the Welcome Home signs Katie and Jackson made for us.

Everyone is over the flu and I've had some good visiting time with both Becca and with Katie and Jackson...and looking forward to more.

Only three days until Christmas. Tree is up and RV is decorated, Christmas cards mailed, gifts bought...they just need to be wrapped.

Our RV...all ready for Christmas...

I went to Enchanted Airlie with Becca, Davis, Katie and Jackson last weekend, it's a yearly tradition for the kids. Jack wasn't feeling well and passed on going...he missed a good time. Happily, he's feeling better now. It was a brisk, clear night and the lights were beautiful. We ended the night with dinner at Brooklyn Pizza, always a treat.

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Home Sweet Home...

We are back in Wilmington!  Arrived Saturday, settled into our campsite at the Wilmington KOA, our Wilmington home, and had pizza from Brooklyn Pizza that sure tasted good.

Our plans for dinner with Katie, Jackson, Becca and Davis Saturday night had to be delayed...Becca and Jackson have the flu. :(  Sunday rolled around and I couldn't wait any longer.  We went over for a short visit (if you can call three hours short) and I finally got to hug Katie and Jackson!  Didn't hug my beautiful Becca...we waved from across the room, but Jackson is on the tail end of his flu, so I risked a hug or ten! They each made a cool chalkboard sign welcoming Grandma and Mr. Jack home and had them perched in the transom over the living room entry. Katie admitted she climbed up a side table and leaned waaaaaay out to place hers up there. They've both grown taller, but there're still my silly kids.

We met Pickles...their newest cat.  He looked so little in the pictures six months ago, but he sure is a big now...he's also a sweet boy. Toured the house to see what's new, got my mail and all the Christmas gifts I've recently ordered from Amazon, admired the Christmas tree and Jackson's Lego ornaments and got more hugs.  I didn't take any photos, but you know I will!

The kids didn't want me to leave (and neither did I) but we have lots more visits to look forward to.