Blue Bear & Red Bird

2016 Update: Blue Bear and Red Bird turned out to be quite camera shy and rarely appear in blog posts, but they are still traveling every mile with us.

Throughout my posts you may occasionally notice Blue Bear and Red Bird...Stuffies, my grandkids call them.

I have two grandchildren, Katie and Jackson, my daughter's children.  As I write this in 2013, Katie is nine.  Smart, beautiful, funny, kind and determined, she is a gymnast, an avid reader and loves the water.  Jackson is seven; he is smart, sweet, charming, funny and chivalrous, loves the water and music and is a Lego master.  They are my heart.

I have lived near them since they were born and have been very involved in their lives, and they in mine.  As we venture out to travel the country, it will be the first time we will be separated for long periods.  I already miss them is the one downside to our epic adventure...and I know they miss me.

One of the ways we are staying connected is by having their Stuffies accompany us on our travels.  Blue Bear is Katie's and Red Bird is Jackson's.  The deal is that we will take and post pics of Bear and Bird on their travels and Katie and Jackson can follow along via this blog as well as via pictures that I post on their Mom's Facebook.

Guess we might be "Two For The Road With Bear And Bird!"


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