Saturday, September 17, 2016

August Road Trip: West Virginia...

It was just a short trip from Mt. Airy to West Virginia. I hadn't seen Michael in nearly a year and was really looking forward to it. He lives in Bluefield, WV which is a forty-five minute drive from Pipestem but there is no place closer that can accommodate our RV. We drove to Bluefield over the weekend but during weekdays we met half way in Princeton, the first night at Texas Steakhouse and Saloon and, on our last night, at Berhshire's Frozen Custard for ice cream and a root beer float. I really enjoyed meeting Michael's girlfriend Crystal. Becca, Katie and Jackson told me she's nice and they're right! She's very nice and a great cook! I like her.

Sunset...seen from Berkshire's Frozen Custard
We went to Bob Evans and had for breakfast for dinner Saturday night but on Sunday Crystal cooked dinner for style ribs, cheesy potatoes, zucchini and squash, corn, garlic knots and rolls. Oh and cheesecake for dessert (OK, that wasn't homemade, but it was still good). Dinner was delicious and I got her secret for tender ribs!

They are working on updating the kitchen in Michael's house. Lots of great plans. Michael is a great go-it-yourself guy. Will be fun to see the results next visit.

We usually stay at Pipestem Resort State Park when we visit Michael but they were booked in August. Michael found another RV park for us just up the road called Pipestem RV Park. It's not new, but was recently taken over by a family and they are working hard to rebuild it. They are very nice and have apparently made a lot of improvements but there is still work to be done. The first site we were assigned, a nice pull-thru with a large grassy area turned out to be a problem when we plugged in our Progressive Surge Protector. It showed an error of an open ground. We wandered around the place and found another site that our surge protector liked. It was a back in, but quite long and easy to back into so we got settled. they advertise cable but we couldn't find a hook up. turns out someone ran it over with a lawnmower and cut the cable. They worked long and hard trying to get us cable but without success. Since the state park doesn't have cable it was not a big deal for us. We did appreciate their efforts. There is a hard turn getting down to the campsites but it's manageable. The park has promise, the people are nice and the rates are reasonable so overall it was okay.

I hated saying good bye but I did and we headed back to Wilmington...

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