About Us...

We are two sixty-somethings who, in 2013, retired, got marriedgave away or sold most of our belongings, bought an RV, set out to see the country.

Jack is a native Northern Californian, who was transplanted to NC in 1994 with his job as a civilian logistics manager at Cherry Point MCAS in Havelock, NC.  He retired June 2013.   His son Jack and wife Candice have three beautiful girls, Chanoa, Sienna and Kathy.  His daughter Stacey is married to Brian and they have a beautiful daughter, Kayla.  They are all back in California.

Gail is a native New Yorker, who relocated to NC in 1982, via Miami, Florida.  She is an RN with over forty years of experience, mostly in orthopedics and surgery, but was a Home Hospice Nurse before she retired in April 2013.  She has a son Michael in West Virginia and a daughter Rebecca, who lives in North Carolina with her husband Davis and their beautiful children Katie and Jackson.

We met online winter of 2010-2011 and, as we fell in love, we discovered we shared the same retirement dream:  Get an RV and live on the road!   It was just talk and ‘what ifs’ for a while…now the dream is our reality.

Follow along with us…

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