Tuesday, April 28, 2015

More Family and More Gymnastics...

We arrived in Greensboro just in time to go watch Katie compete in a NC State Gymnastics Meet in Winston-Salem.  She performed well and we're very proud of her.

Jackson, Jack, Ciera, Gail, Katie
After the meet we all got together at Glen and Joanna's house and had a great time. Joanna brought out her many hula hoops and almost everyone tried them out...some of us were better than others!

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Becca photo-bombing
Jackson, Jack, Ciera, Gail, Katie, Joanna
Jack, Ciera, Gail, Glen

After snacks and hula hoops we went on to an old favorite, Darryl's Restaurant, for dinner. They sat us outside in somewhat chilly weather but, once they turned the heaters on, all was well.

It was a great time and would have been perfect if Michael and Davis had been able to be there.  Our next stop is West Virginia...to see Michael!

Family, Gymnastics and Expensive Repairs (again)...

Chapel Hill
Fun Family Weekend
Katie and Jackson spent lots of time with us at the campground and made some new friends. An awesome family with four children from 5 to 18, living and home schooling on the road. We "friended" on Facebook and addresses were exchanged with hopes of keeping in touch.  Wish I had gotten some pictures of them all.

I spent a nice day with Becca and the kids in Chapel Hill. After Katie's audiology appointment, we had lunch and spent the afternoon in the Natural Science Museum.

The last weekend in March my niece Ciera competed in a NC State Gymnastics Meet held in Wilmington and hosted by my granddaughter Katie's Gym!  My brother Ken came down with Ciera as well as my nephew Matthew. We had a great family weekend and Ciera performed beautifully...even qualified for the Regional meet! We're very proud of her. After the meet, we had dinner downtown at one of our favorite's...Elijah's.

<-- Ciera and Spike.         Matthew and Ciera at Elijah's. -- >

Below...Ciera floor routine and bars and beam.

She placed Third overall!

My birthday fell on Easter Saturday. We celebrated with dinner downtown at the Front Street Brewery. The next day, Easter Sunday, we had dinner at Becca's.

Our truck had been running poorly and getting even poorer than usual fuel mileage so Jack took it in for a check-up.  I'm not sure what exactly the problems were...diesel leaking into the crank case and some other issues...but it took ten days and $6600 to get it fixed!  Yikes! The truck repairs delayed our departure but it gave me an extra day of babysitting.

We finally got on the road and headed to Greensboro for more family and another gymnastics meet.