Thursday, September 17, 2015

A New Granddaughter and Getting Ready to Hit the Road...

We have a new granddaughter! That makes six grandchildren...five granddaughters and one grandson! We are blessed. Katherene Ward was born September 14, 2015 in Vacaville, CA. In two weeks we get on the road and head West. It will be very hard for me to leave my family here but we are truly looking forward to seeing our California family.

I took Katie for her first pedicure and she loved it. Becca came with us. I'm not sure what Katie liked best...the pedicure, the massage chair or the trash magazines (which are usually off limits to her). I suspect it might have been the magazines! After our pedicures we went back to Becca's for a cook out with Davis, Jack and Jackson. It was a fun day.

Becca and I managed to squeeze in a girl's night at the Ogden Tap Room. Between her job and the kids' school and activities schedules, we don't get much opportunity for mother-daughter time so I treasure what we do get.

Jack and I took a day trip to Myrtle Beach the other day. We filled up on some awesomely cheap diesel, wandered around Broadway at the Beach, found a leather bracelet for Chanoa to replace the one her little sister flushed and had some fantastic Italian food at Villa Romana. It's a small family-owned place that I discovered many years ago. I hadn't been back in over ten years but it's still as good as I remembered! All in all, a good day.

I've become intrigued by the adult coloring book craze and am eagerly awaiting delivery of my Amazon order!

We have to get a new outdoor rug. Five months in the hot summer sun and a wayward campground lawnmower have made ours won't be making the trip with us. Happily, I found a duplicate online at Walmart for much less than the original cost!

We're getting everything lined up before leaving. Jack's getting truck in shape. I've scheduled the last of my routine doctor's appointments, a hair appointment and as much Katie and Jackson time as I can!

I've put in a lot of time on my laptop researching out travels West and have worked out routes and found a number of reasonable campgrounds along the way. There's lots to see along the way and our travels will cover around 4000 miles, but won't add any new states to our map. Two of our stops will be New Orleans and San Antonio. It should be a good trip!