Thursday, March 14, 2013

Getting Started...

Welcome to our blog!  We are in the early stages of making this dream a reality.

Went to an RV show in January to look at some RVs and learn a few things.  Stumbled upon a great deal for a used truck...complete with fifth-wheel hitch.  A dealer had gotten it as part of a fifth wheel trade and wanted to get it off his lot.  Went to look at it the next weekend and came home with our tow vehicle!  A Ford F450, Crew Cab, Dually with  the fifth wheel hitch already installed.  Like new condition, all the bells and whistles and a great price.  It's not often that I'm in the right place and the right time...but this was the time and place!

We did some more looking and a lot of online research and began to figure out what we need in a 5th wheel.  The great deal we got on the truck allowed a bit more leeway on the RV purchase and we were learning we needed better quality for full time living - we settled on either a Keystone Montana or a Heartland Big Country.  Just as I was leaning towards the Big Country, I found a new Montana floorplan and fell in love.  Everything I've read says floorplan is primary so...we pick up our new Montana 3900FB next month!  I'm excited and terrified.  Can't wait to get it, but we stretched the budget to do so...and it seems there are so many additional things we will need to buy.  Generator, washer/dryer, satellite service, air card of some well as many other things.  But I DO love the floorplan!  Not sure I'd be truly happy with a different model now.  Oh well, it's only money!  Will post pictures when we actually get it.

We are going to give up our lease and just put some things in storage.  Next step...paring down and getting rid of many years of possesions.  It is overwhelming just thinking about it...where do we start?