Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Good Christmas but Not Such Good health...

She's a monkey!
I've been lazy busy doing nothing much important things this past month and have gotten way behind on my blog I'll try to catch up.

Last I wrote, it was almost Christmas. It was a great Christmas! Family, good food and fun. We enjoyed a Christmas Eve family gathering at Davis' dad's house...I always look forward to the company and to their white chicken chili...Jack likes the red.  We had a terrific Christmas Day at Becca's. She made a great dinner and it was so good to have the day with them. It would have been a bonus if Michael could have been there too.

Things went downhill after Christmas.  Jack had started feeling bad right before Christmas and went to the doctor the day after...turned out he had bronchitis. I had a sore throat the day after Christmas and, as that eased up, I developed the worst sinus congestion I can ever remember having. It took us both at least three weeks to get over everything. I barely got to spend any time with the kids...managed to pull myself together long enough to spend one day with them and to have a good bye dinner at Becca's just before we left...but no hugging and kissing allowed. We welcomed in the New Year in PJs!
Baby sitting while Mom's at work...

It semed like we no sooner got there and it was time to head out. We felt awful but made the drive to Florida anyway and got settled in at Pensacola RV Park, where we stayed last March. We've been here three weeks now and have done little...mostly just rest and relaxation...though we made it to Sonny's BBQ!  We're finally feeling okay again, just a bit tired. Did manage to get the fifth wheel cleaned and the laundry caught up though.

Today it was a sunny 65 degrees and I had a wonderful afternoon sitting outside reading while Jack took the truck back to Van Noy Tires, where we bought tires last year, and had a leaking valve stem replaced. We'll be here in Florida until early March, then we're headed back to Wilmington for a month of some family time with Katie and Jackson...Becca and Davis too!

In early April we're going to Greensboro to visit Glen and Joanna and Ken, Matthew and Ciera. By mid April winter should be finished and we're going to West Virginia to see Michael...really looking forward to that...haven't seen him in a year and a half!