Friday, July 31, 2015

A Family Visit...

Ken and Ciera came to visit for a week and Matthew was able to get a couple of days off from work and join them. The cousins spent lots of time together and we all got together at Becca's for a delicious barbecue. We also had a BBQ at our camper...the food was good and the flies were plentiful!

The sun setting over the Cape Fear River as seen from downtown

Of course we went downtown for our traditional dinner at Elijah'sJackson came with us but Katie had gymnastics practice and couldn't join us. We always like sitting on the deck, but we ended up in direct sun and some of us (who shall remain nameless) were melting! was great as usual...followed by ice cream at Kilwins for some of us and juggling on the riverfront for Jackson. All in all a fun night.

Good Times...and More Repairs

Today's the last day in July and I haven't posted since early June...time to catch up!

As I mentioned in a previous post, we've been having black tank problems...this time with the tank that serves the half bath...and had an appointment in early June.  We took the fifth wheel in to Howard RV as planned. We thought we had a broken valve (as well as the leak)...turned out the valve was fine but the black tank was clogged. They were able to clear the tank but couldn't locate the leak without dropping the tanks, so we had to schedule another appointment for that all day job. We took it back in last week and they found the tank was bowed and hadn't been emptying completely and it had a big crack where it meets a flange and had been leaking into the underbelly. Long story short, the crack is repaired, they braced the tank where it was bowing and we had a tank flush installed. The main bath tank has a flush but for some reason this one didn't. It took two days so we spent the night in Howard RV's lot...water and 50 amp hookups...nice. We also spent almost $1600 for the June and July repairs! Please tell me we're finished with repairs now...

I've been babysitting when Becca needs me and enjoying every minute of it. Had some lunches with Becca before school ended and got to watch Jackson play tennis. I've also been making some changes in my hair while I let my natural silver (sounds better than gray) grow in. Think I'm going to like it!

Jack's been working the race track but most of the races have been either rained out or cancelled. I think they've actually only completed one race! Not going to be as much extra cash as we'd hoped...good thing he enjoys it.

Katie turned eleven on the summer solstice and moves on from elementary school to middle school this fall.  Among her birthday gifts, she got a hoodie from her new school and a Kindle Fire. She's a happy girl!
July is birthday month in my family. Jack had a birthday and so did Michael...though I didn't get to see Michael for his. Becca and Davis also had birthdays, but more on that next post. July also brings the start of a new school year for Jackson as his elementary school is on a year round schedule. He started third grade. Katie's new middle school is on a traditional schedule so she's experiencing her first long summer vacation since preschool and Jackson is going to school without Katie for the first time since preschool.
The weather has been HOT so we haven't spent as much time outdoors as I expected, but hoping that will improve. We don't leave here until October 1st so we are bound to get to enjoy some moderate temperatures! visits and more birthdays.