Monday, July 31, 2017

Welcome To Our Home...

Wow, has it been nine months since my last post? Just like having a baby! LOL
When I last posted, we were just starting to move into our condo. Now, nine months later, it's become a cozy home.

It took a while to get in and settled and even longer to get it furnished. Deciding what to keep and what to get rid of when we moved into the RV in 2013 was hard. Now we had to replace it all. We had a small storage room where we had stored bedroom furniture and a TV that were less than a year old as well as family photos, some artwork, and other odds and ends. My brother Ken and nephew Matthew came down and helped move the contents of our storage room in and we bought a queen bed (eventually destined for the guest bedroom). So there we were...we had a place to sleep, a place to store our clothes and a TV. We took cookware, dishes and towels from the RV and began the process of setting up a new home. I researched a lot, agonized over some decisions, changed my mind more than once, and went over budget. It was fun and we love the finished product.

It's a small apartment style condo central to the beach and downtown. Two bedrooms, two baths, open concept living area, and a small patio overlooking the pool. We've already had our first house guests and look forward to more.

Come on in... (click photos to enlarge)

Breakfast Bar

Love my Kitchen

Sign says:  The beach is good for the soul


Master Bedroom

Master Bath Room

Love my walk-in shower

Guest Room (decorated with Katie)

Guest Bath Room

View from our Patio

View from the Master Bedroom

Lots has been going on in our life but I'll save that for next time...

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